Services & Expertise

Develocity Group provides a full array of consulting services to meet your most critical needs. Through our framework and findings, we delver you strategically focused plans, utilizing your sales and marketing resources on the most promising opportunities. From custom-branded surveys to capturing critical data, we assemble the building blocks of your go-to-market strategy from the ground up. We identify critical executive-level prospects to help you design a personalized market coverage model. Learn more about our areas of expertise below.

Executive Level Lead Generation &
 Qualified Sales Opportunities

The goal is to align with you and your sales strategy, fill your sales pipeline with opportunities (deals) to accelerate in-year revenue and sustained growth. We not only solidify the meeting and draft the agenda; we also help you drive the meeting (upon your request) as the acting engagement leader between you and the executive prospect during your meeting. We truly are your personal executive sales consultant and will seamlessly align to source new business opportunity – resulting in revenue!

Market Development

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new product or identifying new markets, our team will define, prospect and build customized territories for your company. Develocity is an expert at helping your team define goals, build pipeline and align your value proposition to market demand. We identify organizations and brands that fit your target markets and reveal the executives (and their roles) that would benefit best from your product offering or solutions.

Market intelligence

Internal sales efforts are often based on an
 understanding of your client’s needs. This black and white
 transactional approach can lead to wasted effort, resulting in fruitless leads and unrealized revenues. Develocity Group helps your company focus on ideal customers so they aren’t spending as much 
time with your competition.

  • Identify the most qualified prospects
  • Understand their unique purchasing cycles
  • Plot the competitive market landscape

Merger & Acquisition Search

Should you or your organization be on the hunt for entities to acquire, consider working with Develocity Group. We will work with you to develop a targeted entity list, craft appropriate messaging and identify the correct business leader(s) to engage and vet opportunity. We have done a number of searches with successful outcomes in terms of vetting deliverables!

Portfolio Search (run-off from Books of Business)

From time to time, we get inquiries on portfolio searches. Especially from companies in the B2B2C arena. Whether you’re seeking an insurance block that is in run-off or an industry specific active portfolio, we can assist you in your search to develop a target list, identify leaders and set up meetings on your behalf to vet opportunity.

Marketing Communications Services & Digital Media

Through our strategic alliance with Silvermoss, we provide full scale branding, marketing & sales communications, web development, mobile and social media marketing services. Silvermoss creative team members align with Develocity team members to form a unified task forces dedicated to building your sales pipeline and your brand with the right kind of messaging, creative, delivery channels and campaign integration. For more information, visit

We specialize in the following industries:

• Insurers, Reinsurers and Insurance Intermediaries (Property & Casualty, Life & Health)
• Financial Institutions
• Direct Response and Subscription Marketing
• Affinity Groups and Affinity Marketing
• Technology
• Telecommunications
• Loyalty / Rewards / Membership / Engagement
• Utilities
• Social Media Marketing / Social Media Networking
• Consumer Services
• Mobile
• Retail / Online Retail
• Emerging Markets