How We Work

Why Work with Develocity Group?

Develocity Group is not just another business development firm. We are a collaborative and innovative sales acceleration partner that orchestrates and delivers large sales opportunities to companies that need to realize significant revenue growth.

We specialize in specific market verticals and successfully navigate complex organizations to establish trust, credibility, and seize timely opportunities at the key executive level. Our ability to overcome organizational roadblocks, spot emerging trends and define new strategies is what separates us. Where transactional lead-generation and appointment-setting tactics fail, Develocity succeeds through a multi-dimensional and innovative approach to market development. We ramp up quickly and deliver the most compelling value proposition your organization has to offer — to the right decision-makers at the right time. Intricate and lengthy sales cycles don’t intimidate us in the slightest and we work tirelessly to propel deals forward in closing.

Organizational Interfacing

Develocity Group plugs into your company organically to understand your sales & marketing culture, brand, mission, goals and competitive landscape. As a fully integrated partner, we seek to sell your unique value proposition with passion, integrity and unparalleled conviction. Being able to do this comes from tireless diligence, market knowledge and strategic planning. It’s not enough for us to simply close deals — we want to secure profitable, long-term relationships for your company that drives growth for years to come.

Brand Heartbeat

In today’s economy, sales is no longer just a numbers game. Competition is fierce and your customer has many choices. Understanding the brand DNA of your product, service, solution and/or company is as critical to us at it should be to your prospect. Develocity Group brings passion, creativity and ideas back into your sales process. We are adaptive, intuitive and innovative in our approach to closing deals and building pipeline. We know how to break through by being an organic extension of your brand and key value proposition.

Smart Prospecting

It’s not just about finding prospects, it’s about finding the right prospects at the right time. At Develocity Group, we believe this is an art we have mastery in, that few business development firms get right — and it’s critical. We source and identify the best companies, breaking through organizational barriers to learn their culture, purchasing cycles, budgets and closing potential. We bring your products, services and solutions to market in a meaningful, timely and articulate way to drive not only profits, but lasting relationships.

Our Approach

Develocity Group strategically aligns with companies to ramp-up value proposition, define key drivers, and move qualified opportunities through the sales funnel rapidly. We act as the engagement leader during prospect meetings to solidify next steps along an accelerated path to closing. We provide you with an opportunity summary prior to your sales meeting and set pre-calls with clients to advise on agenda, focus and priorities. Our team defines and builds a comprehensive design to cultivate prospects through targeted messaging which resonates optimally between client and prospect. We conduct bi-weekly internal pipeline reviews to outline strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), modifying the strategic plan continually toward increasing close rates and more profitable outcomes.
Three business professionals working together